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Meet the Featherbed Railroad team

It started with a day dream.

June and Paul Vejar were in the business of hairdressing and, like many people, dreamed of owning a B&B in a romantic setting, preferably in Northern California's incredible wine country. As June describes it, "What would we do, if we didn't do hair anymore? Would love to have a bed and breakfast."
I googled B&Bs for sale in Northern California wine country and up popped the Featherbed Railroad, an incredible place made of vintage railroad cabooses. It sounded awesome, but could we do it? I decided to e-mail Tony, and suddenly we were on a plane to come and look at the place right during Lake County Wine Adventure! We instantly fell in love with it. 
We went home, put our house on the market, sold it right away and here we are! It happened so quickly, that all of our heads were spinning. But we knew we made the right decision. We love it here. 

Then the fires hit, two weeks into our new ownership. We got to quickly see what an amazing sense of community there is in Lake County. It brought me to tears, on more than one occasion. In hardship comes strength and camaraderie, so greatly illustrated here. We are proud to carry on the legacy of this lovely piece of paradise, and strive to do it justice.
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