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Our Cleaning Regimen

People often ask us what we do to keep the Featherbed Railroad as clean as possible. This is especially true in these times when cleanliness awareness is heightened significantly. But we want you to breathe easy and thought we'd share how we keep our rooms and the entire property as clean as you would expect.  


  • Sanitize all bathroom surfaces.
  • Sanitize all surfaces and equipment touched by guest:
  • light switches
  • door knobs and handles
  • remote control
  • thermostat controls
  • guest binder
  • all hard surfaces
  • Remove all throw pillows.
  • Change out shams with the rest of the bed linen.


  • Wash hands between jobs and when changing locations.
  • Wipe down exterior railings with disinfectant.

Front Desk

  • Night Audit wipes down all listed surfaces prior to 7am.
  • Morning shift wipes down all listed surfaces around 9am and 11:30am.
  • Disinfecting all keys as turned in for twenty minutes.
  • Afternoon/Evening shift wipes down all listed surfaces around 3pm.
  • All keys brought in from housekeeping wiped down before they are put away.
  • Afternoon/Evening shift wipes down all listed surfaces around 6pm.
  • Evening shift wipes down all listed surfaces before closing out.
  • Hand sanitizer available at the front desk for guests to use.
  • List of Surfaces Wiped down:
  • Keyboards, Mouse, Telephones, Calculators, Stapler (this includes guest computer)
  • Handles on drawer at front desk
  • Door handles for both front doors, as well as door to hall and back door
  • Payroll Machine
  • Light Switches in Hall
  • Front Counter
  • Guest Pens (as they are used)
  • Tops of chairs where people grab, office and parlor (hard surface chairs)

AM and PM Dining Room

Surfaces wiped down with disinfectant solution:
  • doorknobs and light switches in dining room, and back kitchen area
  • all handles of appliances in back kitchen area
  • backs of chairs where people grab and seat cushions
  • computer screens
  • coffee urns and water pitchers
  • all counter surfaces both front and back of house
  • Hand washing or hand sanitizing each time money is handled.


In addition to Serve Safe practices already in place, every two hours wipe down surfaces with bleach solution, even if they haven't been used.
Wipe down tools that don't go in the dishwasher and appliances with bleach solution.